'No jeggings, leggings or jeans': Chennai medical colleges set dress code for students

First Published 5, Sep 2017, 10:45 AM IST
No jeggings leggings or jeans Chennai medical colleges set dress code for students
  • On the first day of college, MBBS students were given lessons on dress code in Chennai.
  • Students in medical colleges have been asked to stick to formal clothing only.
  • Even boys have been restricted to trousers and shirts.

While the classes for the first year MBBS students have already begun, the first lesson that they learnt was not anything to do with medicine. Medical students in a college in Chennai were provided with regulations pertaining to the dress code. The students were instructed not to wear any tight-fitting clothes, be it jeans, T-shirts or dresses. Women were discouraged from wearing even leggings or jeggings. Male students were asked to restrict themselves to trousers and formal shirts only. 

Speaking to the New Indian Express, Dr A Edwin Joe, Director of Medical Education said, "We have instructed  medical colleges to follow only formal dress code in the classes. It’s an oral instruction; no circular has been issued though."

The dean in a medical college in Chennai said, "Jeggings, leggings, jeans and any tight-fitting clothing is not allowed in the college. We gave instruction to all students on the first day of the classes."

According to students, new comers gradually fall into line with the college rules. One of them said, "As most of us don’t prefer sarees, the obvious choice is churidars. Tight T-shirts or jeans are not permitted even for boys. Generally there are no punishments for breaking rules. But professors do advice us not to wear such dresses and most students follow it.” 

After the counselling was over, the classes began with the colleges organising a welcome for the new comers. The medical admission counselling ended on Sunday amidst strong protests over the NEET-based admissions.