On April 29, unidentified men broke windshields of around 20 parked cars at Anna Nagar, Thirumangalam and Aminjikarai in Tamil Nadu. The miscreants used an iron rod to break the windshields.

The CCTV video recording shows that two men riding a motorcycle went on a rampage and damaged the cars, The New Indian Express quoted police as saying. Though police complaints have been lodged but not all car owners have filed their complaints, the report quoted a police source as saying.

The police are investigating the incident that initial assumption is that the incident is a handiwork of either drunken men or psychologically disturbed men. 

Few car owners stated that from some of the damaged vehicles, the attackers stole the RC book, speaker sets and also driving licence and other properties.  

The police have collected the CCTV footages and it shows that both the men were not wearing their helmets and appeared to be intoxicated. The police suspect that the attack happened between 2:20 am and 3:50 am on Saturday.