Veteran actor Kamal Haasan today continued with his take on Tamil Nadu politics, as he took an apparent dig at the merger of the two factions of the ruling AIADMK by using the analogy of a "clown's cap".

The actor said the "clown's cap" was now being foisted on the head of Tamils and urged them to "erupt".

The actor-director used the word "kulla" (cap) to make the cryptic remarks, apparently aimed at the ruling AIADMK whose two factions, each led by Chief Minister K Palaniswami and his predecessor O Panneerselvam, merged after a six-month separation.

Foisting a 'kulla' on one's head in Tamil refers to somebody virtually being taken for a ride by another person.

The actor at no point made any explicit reference to anybody, but the timing of his Tweet coincided with the merger of the two factions of AIADMK.

Kamal Haasan has been active on Twitter and has used the platform to make politically loaded comments, especially against the AIADMK government, which has earned the wrath of the ruling party, with its ministers targeting him.

He had recently levelled allegations of corruption in the government, and ministers, including Chief Minister K Palaniswami have hit out at him.