In a bizarre incident, an irritated army man bit another man and caused some serious damages to the victim. This incident was reported in Ooty, Tamil Nadu when a verbal altercation took an ugly turn when the army officer bit the ex-councillor of a panchayat. 

According to the Wellington police, there was a dispute between Kannan, a soldier of the Madras Regimental Centre, and residents of Bharat Nagar in Bearhatti village limits that borders the cantonment. The matter of dispute was related to parking of vehicles near the houses in the Bharat Nagar; the Deccan Chronicle quoted police source as saying. 

On the night of May 6, a verbal altercation erupted between Kannan and some members of public and in the heat of the moment Kannan ended up biting the ring finger of Johnson, a former councillor in Bearhatti panchayat. The bite led to cutting off of the upper part of the finger, and immediate medical attention was required.