The horrifying attack on a Dalit family by a gang that beat an eight-year-old boy to death raped his fourteen-year-old sister and left their mother in a critical condition has sent shivers down the spine of the residents of Vellamputhur in Villupuram district.

However, this is not just a stand-alone attack but follows a pattern, reports the New Indian Express. Two similar incidents happened in the village in the last nine months in which the victims were from Kurava and lower-caste Hindu communities.

The girl and her mom are getting treatment in intensive care unit of JIPMER Hospital at Puducherry.

It is the non-registration of complaints during the previous two incidents that led to the miscreants getting bolder and brutally attacking the family.

Residents told New Indian Express that they had not seen a single caste-based crime in the sleepy village until the assault on a 14-year-old Kurava girl and her parents in May last year. It was thought that somebody had entered the house forcefully and tried to rape the girl after assaulting all of them.

The family decided to hide the incident claiming that they had tried to kill themselves due to mounting debts. They did not want to face the stigma that their daughter was sexually assaulted.

Five months later, a 25-year-old woman, belonging to caste Hindu community, who was sleeping with her two-year-old daughter, was similarly attacked by some unidentified miscreants after being dragged to a nearby lemon tree before being allegedly sexually assaulted, reports the New Indian Express.

However, the district police are nowhere close to identifying the accused. Nor have they detained any suspects.

DMK Rajya Sabha MP Kanimozhi said, "This incident gives suspicion whether humanity died in Tamil Nadu. Whoever be the assailants are, the police should take action without any partiality."