A fake swamiji was approached for prayers by a couple in Aruru village of Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu. One fine day the swamiji eloped with the wife, leaving the husband shocked and bereft. Police identified the swamiji to be a fake and a former software employee turned into a baba.

According to the news article in Telugu OneIndia, Vijay Kumar and Puneetha, belonging to Palliyakarai area, approached a swamiji for prayers as they were without children even after ten years of marriage. Swamy Balamurugan promised to conduct a special puja for them and frequently visited Vijay Kumar’s house.

On 21st of September, Puneetha went to visit the swami in his abode but failed to return. When Vijay Kumar enquired about his wife, he found out that the swamy took her away to some unknown place. Vijay Kumar, realising that he was duped, complained to the police.

The police, in their investigation, found out that Balamurugan belonging to Gapattinam area is a fake swami and previously worked in an IT company in Bengaluru. He was married, but left his house and became a fake baba. The police are on his trail.