Tamil Nadu politics is undergoing a sea change. Palanisamy, Panneerselvam or even Sasikala have to take a back seat because Thalaiva is entering politics and here are reasons why Rajini storm will wash away Tamil political leaders including Stalin.

After Jayalalithaa’s death, there was a void in Tamil Nadu politics and all including AIADMK leaders started fighting with each other and then it looked like now Stalin has a chance to win over the people. But now with new developments it looks like even Stalin has no chance and Sasikala better get adjusted to her prison schedules because here is Thalaiva entering politics.

Tamil Nadu has the history of stars taking over as chief ministers and leading the state successfully.

Staring from CN Annadurai, the first Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu from a Dravidian party, who floated the DMK Party, the people have favoured a person with flimy background. Annadurai was teh first one to introduce Dravidian ideologies into movies. The movie Parasakthi, made in 1952 was a huge box office hit. In fact, M Karunanidhi had acripted the screenplay for the movie Parasakthi. In addition, two more stars Sivaji Ganesan and S.S.Rajendran, both founding members of the DMK, made their movie debuts with the movie.

Followed by MG Ramachandran, the superstar of the time, broke away from DMK, the party he represented. There was opposition to him floating another party. But with the time, he proved that he was a better leader and not only by his charm of being a superstar, he continued the popular schemes which brought him closer to people’s heart. He became the undisputed political leader of Tamil Nadu and was the chief minister of the state till his death.

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Then came Jayalalithaa, people call her Amma and even to this day whether it is Sasikala, Palanisamy or Panneerselvam they strive with Amma’s name and still bring their association with Jayalalithaa to woo the people of Tamil Nadu. Thus once a star Jayalalithaa is still living in the hearts of people and the popular voice says that she was a pro-people leader and died as the chief minister of Tamil Nadu.

Thus Rajinikanth is not only a filmstar he is a superstar. Even memes about him are so strong that according to people Rajini there is nothing impossible for Rajinikanth. With his films like Basha Rajini has proved his political wit on screen.

Post the current announcement by RSS leader Gurumurthy that Rajinikanth will float his own party and support NDA, it looks like the superstar has chosen the best time to jump into politics.

The ruling party (AIADMK) in Tamil Nadu is still fighting with each other and there are too many differences to be sorted out. In fact, DMK, instead of taking a lead is quite silent in its approach. At this point, Rajini’s entry into politics is a strong development and with a great fan base, it can be said that he has all chances of becoming the leader of the state of Tamil Nadu.

In addition, his support to NDA which is the ruling coalition in the Centre might prove to be a positive news as Rajini’s party will get a strong backing.

Thus, it is time Tamil Nadu sings Neruppu da, Nerungu da and conclude with Kabali Da!