In a bizarre but funny incident, a Chennai-based businessman was so drunk that he drove home in an ambulance and left his Audi at a hospital where he had parked.

The incident occurred in the wee hours of Sunday, December 19. Narrating the sequence of events, the police said a businessman, in his thirties, visited the hospital in Thousand Lights area in Chennai early Sunday to drop his friend who had sustained some injuries. 

After leaving him, the man drove back in a Maruti Omni which was used as an ambulance by the hospital. The driver of the ambulance had left the keys in the vehicle, the police said. 

He didn’t realise he was driving a Maruti Omni ambulance until he reached his home 13 km away at Palavakkam from Thousand Lights area.

It was around 3 am when the hospital staff noticed a Maruti ambulance missing from the campus. Suspecting it to be a theft, the hospital informed the Thousand Lights police who went in search of the ambulance.

“Just then a man drove the ambulance into the hospital and profusely apologised saying his boss, a businessman, had mistakenly driven it home,” said a police officer to the New Indian Express.

The driver also compensated for a damaged rear-view mirror of the ambulance before driving away in the Audi. 

Unsure if the businessman was drunk, the hospital decided to not lodge a police complaint.