EPS faction threatening us by using police force: Dhinakaran's 'Holidaying' loyalists

First Published 18, Sep 2017, 9:27 AM IST
Dhinakarans Holidaying loyalists allege EPS faction of threatening them by using police force
  • The rebel MLAs of the AIADMK have been holidaying in Coorg for the past one week.
  • They alleged that plainclothed policemen intercepted them and threatened of dire consequences if they did not change parties.
  • Incidentally, 21 policemen from the Tamil Nadu police department are said to be residing in Kushalnagar, close to the MLAs' resort.

The Dhinakaran loyalists who have been lodged at the Paddington resort in Kushalnagar's Coorg district, now claim that the EPS-OPS faction is using police force to threaten them into changing parties. It happened so that on Sunday, the MLAs decided to visit the Talacauvery and then headed to the Abbey Falls. 

However, their joyous trip was reportedly short-lived as on their way back from the fall, they were intercepted by plainclothed men who claimed to be from the Tamil Nnadu police department. The MLAs further claimed that the men threatened them with dire consequences if they did not switch sides to the Palaniswami-Panneerselvam camp of the AIADMK.

Digging deeper into the allegations, it was found that the MLAs were indeed accosted by personnel from the Tamil Nadu Police department. In fact, a police official, under conditions of anonymity said that the MLAs were indeed intercepted but he refused to divulge more citing these as official matters. Inside sources also reveal that a team of 21 policemen, including senior officers from the Central Crime branch, are presently in Kushalnagar where the MLAs resort is also located.

Earlier too, on September 13, one of the rebel MLAs V Senthil Balaji accused certain officers from the police department for illegally threatening them with dire consequences if they did not switch loyalties.