An obsessed stalker in his madness set afire the object of his attention and in the process killed her while her family battles for life in the hospital.

An IT company employee in Chennai,  Induja never thought that she would die in this horrific manner all because she refused to acknowledge her stalker’s overtures towards her or accept his affection. Aakash, who was her former classmate, became obsessed with Induja and proclaimed to love her and had been following her for a month. Aakash was a school dropout as well and stayed close by. His behaviour caused her to stop going to work as well.

Things took a terrible turn on Monday night at 8.45, when Aakash went and banged on the door of Induja’s house in Adambakkam AGS Colony, in Saraswathi Nagar. Her mother Renuka opened the door and was initially reluctant to allow the man in, however, he persisted and demanded that Induja meet him.


 Induja’s father works in Dubai and at that time her mother Renuka and sister Niveditha were in the house. Aakash again pressed Induja into accepting his affections but she did not.  Angered he used a petrol can to douse Induja and her family in petrol and set them alight. Before the neighbours came running alerted to the women's cries, Aakash had done the terrible deed. The condition of the burnt house shows how Induja ran from room to room to escape Aakash's madness but by then she had been burnt badly. She had been admitted with over 49 per cent burns and eventually succumbed to it.

Renuka and Niveditha have been admitted to Kilpauk Medical College with over 50 per cent and 23 per cent burns which they sustained trying to rescue Induja. Their condition is said to be critical. Aakash absconded after committing the deed and was caught by the police later on.