On April 7, the Organised Crime Intelligence Unit arrested a 47-year-old man for reportedly grew marijuana on the terrace of his home. 


He has been growing the delicate plant that requires care and attention from past eight months and amidst severe drought condition. The terrace had around 50 plants producing around 2.4 kg marijuana worth ₹24,000 in black market, the New Indian Express quoted an official of narcotics intelligence bureau as saying.


The mixie and fan mechanic, K Kannan, owns a house in V Marudhur where he cultivated marijuana. Kannan was deserted by his siblings after some property related issues and soon after he started drinking alcohol, reported a leading daily. 


Later on, he started smoking marijuana in order to reduce the drinking habit. However, his health soon deteriorated due to alcohol and marijuana. This effected his financial situation as he lost his business due to poor health.  


To keep up with his habit, he collected the seeds from the marijuana that he bought to smoke and tried cultivating. After a couple of failed attempts, he succeeded in creating a garden of marijuana on his rooftop despite the weather condition, the New Indian Express reported. However, for his neighbours, he became a nuisance due to his behaviour. 


The officials of the Organised Crime Intelligence Unit acted on a tip-off and raided Kannan’s house and terrace. Once when they found the garden, they called the local police and the narcotics intelligence bureau for further action.