Chennai: CM Palaniswami gets stuck in airport elevator for 8 minutes

tamil-nadu | Monday, October 30th, 2017
  • The CM got stuck, along with other officials, as he was travelling on his way to board a Madurai plane.
  • The elevator got stuck for about 8 minutes, leading to a tense situation.
  • It got corrected immediately after the airport authorities were called.

An elevator carrying Tamil Nadu Chief Minister K Palaniswami along with other officials malfunctioned at the airport here leading to tense moments for a few minutes, authorities said. Palaniswami along with senior government officials arrived at the airport here this evening as they were scheduled to leave for Madurai, sources said.

“Soon after arriving, the chief minister, along with security personnel, boarded the elevator to go to the first floor, but got stuck inside it for about eight minutes..”, they said. Authorities at the airport immediately arrived and rectified the problem, the authorities said. Palaniswami and other officials later left for Madurai soon after the elevator was repaired, they added.

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