On July 20, 2017, AIADMK Minister Sellur Raju attended a grievance redressal meeting for wards 90 and 91 in the Madurai Corporation. He then spoke to the reporters about the issues plaguing the state.

About Kamal Haasan:

"Anyone can become a leader in a democratic society. After Jayalalithaa, no one from film industry was accepted to be a CM. Kamal Haasan is a great actor, but like a third-rate person, he has passed a general comment on corruption. Only if he pinpoints the corrupt department, we could take action." 

"Even Rajinikanth said that the system is not good, but it was a subtle comment. Whereas Kamal is continuously defaming the AIADMK government and that is the reason we are criticising him. As he has no opportunities in films, he is making such comments against us. It is has become a source of entertainment to him."

About DMK:

"DMK leader MK Stalin has been passing comments in the public, but he is failing to prove the same in the Assembly. DMK is the reason for all issues including Neduvasal. On the contrary, they are protesting against the government. It is not right." 

'We have become a laughing stock since there is no proper leadership after the death of Jayalalithaa. People should keep in mind that if they elect DMK, their kith and kin will occupy all the departments of Tamil Nadu." 

"DMK leader Stalin took extreme steps to dissolve this government, but his efforts failed. There is no shortcut to power. DMK will never come back to power. It is not right to bring illegal substances inside the Assembly. They would have bought it from states such as Puducherry."