The southern part of India is facing a severe drought, and the situation is getting worse with every passing day. Among all the southern states, Tamil Nadu and Kerala are witnessing one of the worst droughts in the recent past, and the impact of water scarcity has spread to various other essentials for survival. 

Due to the severity of the drought, both these states are now also facing a shortage of milk. In fact, Kerala state minister of Animal Husbandry, Dairy Development, Milk- Co-operatives, K Raju, cautioned that Kerala is witnessing a drop in milk production due to drought in the month of January itself. 

The dairy farmers of the state are finding it difficult to provide food and water to their livestock, and the drought relief funds are still awaited, as per a Scroll report. 

With the arrival of summer, the situation in Kerala has worsened with around 10 percent to 30 percent dip in milk production in different parts of this state, the same report claimed. With the price of fodder going up, the dairy farmers are facing an immense struggle in the state. The plight has forced many farmers to sell their cattle at a low rate. 

Meanwhile, Tamil Nadu is also facing a similar crisis. This state is also facing acute milk shortage. As per government data, Aavin from its 17 registered co-operative unions of Tamil Nadu produced nearly 31 lakh litres of milk in the month of October last year which has been reduced to 25 lakh litres at present. 

The city of Chennai requires minimum 11 lakh litres of milk whereas the rest of the districts need 10 lakh litres, according to a new in The New Indian Express

The milk farmers of the state are facing trouble due to the scarcity of dry fodder and water. Though the government is offering dry fodder at a subsidised rate yet the demand is much higher than what is available at present.