The skipper of the Indian cricket team, Virat Kohli has been facing the ire of the Australian media, ever since he made his comments on the DRS controversy. First he was referred to as a “Dictator” and now he has been compared to the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald Trump. Kohli did what he does best – he has shown the Australian media their place in his own way.


In today’s world, not many would compare someone like Kohli to Trump but this time The Daily Telegraph has done it again. From being called a “Dictator” to being referred to as the “Trump” of cricket, Kohli has received all sorts of accolades from the Aussie media.

An insulting comparison so to say but Bollywood’s legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan’s fitting reply to the Aussie media proves, that we, the Indian cricket fans, did not really mind that comparison.


Here’s what Big B had to say on Twitter:





“It’s funny all our guys ask about the cricket and the first thing you ask is controversial, but it’s okay.” This was how Virat Kohli took a subtle dig at the Aussie media at the post-match press conference in Ranchi. Quite a fitting one isn’t it?


However, the belligerence level of Kohli goes a notch higher when he plays Australia. Kohli may not have scored a lot of runs in this series, but his undying passion for the game and his grit to represent his country made us come to terms with the fact that we did not mind having a “Trump,” who rules almost all three formats of the gentlemen’s game.

You know when someone compares you to Trump, that means you are doing way better than the others and that is how one gains haters all around the world.


“It doesn’t matter to me. I don’t start a series saying focus on me, speak about me, and write about me. It’s not in my control. What’s in my control is what happens on the field. If people choose to write about me or speak about me, that is their choice,” Kohli had said prior to the start of this enthralling series.


Dear Australian media, thank you for appreciating the efforts of our Indian captain, both on and off the field!