The football fans around the world currently should be thanking the almighty that we are witnessing two unprecedented stars – Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. People were awestruck with the kind of week Ronaldo had for Real Madrid as well as his fourth Ballon d’Or. But to close the week in sublime fashion Messi also reminded the world, that he is someone who cannot be forgotten that easily.


Leo Messi did something on the pitch against Espanyol during a La Liga match on Sunday which even the Playstations or Xboxes cannot do.


A dream run that could have earned him yet another goal for Barcelona but Luis Suarez was at the end of it to put it at the back of the net. Barcelona may have scored four against Espanyol on Sunday but none will be able to forget the run which Messi made going past 4-5 defenders.


He repeated yet another exhilarating run within a minute after that to help Jordi Alba score past the goalkeeper as well.


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