While everybody is showering praises over Indian skipper Virat Kohli, one man who is not impressed by him is ‘the Wall’ Rahul Dravid. Dravid has revealed that he sometimes feels very uncomfortable with some of the statements that Virat Kohli makes in public.

Speaking at the Bangalore Literature Festival, Dravid said that the Indian cricket team captain can sometimes come across as outrageous. Dravid quickly added that it has worked for him but it won’t last for long.

Dravid, whose impregnable batting technique had earned him the title 'The wall', said that matches can be won even by players who don't sport tattoo on their sleeves. And on-field macho, rock star image would be of little help to be on a winning streak, reported the Times of India quoting him.

"Virat sometimes comes across as outrageous and I cringe on reading his statements before a series. But if he can bring the best out of himself by needling the opposition, so be it," Dravid said.

Dravid also expressed his disappointment with Anil Kumble’s unceremonious exit from the Indian team. The generally quiet cricketer did not mince words while talking about Kumble’s exit.

"It is unfortunate for a legend that was part of the highest number of winning Indian teams to see unceremonious departure. At the same time, it is quite common that coaches always get sacked. I also am the Under-19 Indian team coach. I may also be sacked," he said.