India has a history of run-ins with Australia in cricket. And in the second ODI against Australia in Kolkata spectators saw a heated altercation between Australia’s wicket-keeper Matthew Wade and Indian skipper Virat Kohli.

In the 33rd over Marcus Stoinis bowled a slower-one that deceived Kedar Jadhav and went behind the stumps. The ball hit Wade in his arm which allowed Jadhav and Kohli to steal a run.

Stoinis was not amused and had a word with Kohli over taking the bye run. While Kohli and Stoinis only had a minor conversation, it was Wade who went on a school-boy rant against Kohli for taking the extra run. When the Indian players were taking a drinks break, Wade directed a barb at Kohli.

He was also seen taunting Kohli from behind the stumps.

But Kohli had his revenge when it was time for the Australians to bat. Kuldeep Yadav was on a wicket taking spree and Wade fell for one of his wrong-uns. Virat was all fired-up and in the heat of the moment used some harsh words while giving Wade a send-off he will never forget.

Former Australian fast bowler Stuart Clark, called the incident as 'piddly crap' and came out in support of Kohli. "It's one run. Is this the biggest issue this team has got? If I'm Matthew Wade and I'm Marcus Stoinis -- and full credit to him for standing up for Matthew Wade -- I'd be worrying about my own cricket, rather than all this other stuff," said Clark to Sky Sports Radio.

This shows that you don’t mess with the Indian skipper for no reason.