Serbia’s Novak Djokovic is basking in glory post his ninth Australian Open success, as he won it on Sunday by beating Russia’s Daniil Medvedev. It was also his 18th Grand Slam success, as he continues the bid to match and possibly break the all-time record, currently held by Roger Federer of Switzerland and Rafael Nadal of Spain (20).

However, his bid to win his next, i.e. the 19th Slam title, might have to wait as he contemplates taking some time off from the sport. It would be primarily to heal his prevailing abdominal injury, as he reportedly tore a muscle during the third round of AO.

On Monday, Nole revealed that the second scan indicates the tear has worsened as he chose to play on during the AO. “I just came actually came from another MRI that I’ve done this morning and the damage is bigger than what it was when it happened, when I did the first MRI after the third round. It’s not too bad, judging by what doctor said, but I’ll have to take some time off and heal. The tear is bigger,” he said, reports Reuters.

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Before the injury and tournament getting underway, Djokovic had also battled the rigid quarantine in Melbourne, which somewhat took a mental toll on him. Although he overcame it all to win the title, which was indeed a sweet success for him, he has urged the organisers on how the quarantine regulations could be improved.

“I reflect on it as a great experience and a unique journey, and I would definitely remember and try to take out a lot of positives from it. I have learned a lot of lessons and learned a lot of things about myself and about everything that was going on in the last five to six weeks. But, I think that everything that was happening on and off the court makes this victory even better and even sweeter,” he concluded.