Do you know who is MS Dhoni's first crush?

Do you know who is MS Dhoni's first crush?

The best way to tell everybody is to tell somebody not to tell anybody! Confused? Well, this is what happens when a well-guarded secret is let off on a social media platform and the 'secret' becomes the talk of the town. The CSK captain is now trending on social media, not for his batting prowess but because he decided to let off his guard for a moment and talked about  the first ever crush of his life.

The Chennai Super Kings skipper, MS Dhoni, is a man of few words and is known primarily, for his power-packed action on field. But, unlike most of his celebrity counterparts, very little is known of his personal life as he prefers to keep it guarded. The most significant revelation about his own life came across in his biopic "MS Dhoni: The Untold Story" released in 2016 but that too had too many loopholes. The two women he was smitten by, according to the biopic were, Priyanka and his wife, Sakshi. But it seems like, he lost his heart to someone way before that. 

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In a recent promotional event organised by Gulf Pride, which is one of IPL's major sponsors this year, the CSK captain was asked about his first crush and surprisingly, after a lot of egging by his teammates, he answered it. 

Dhoni replied to all the questions, and the anchor guessed the name to be “Swati”, and when he asked Dhoni to tell the name, Captain Cool said, “that’s the right name.” He met her last in 1999 when he was in class 12.

Once, the name was revealed, Mahi was quipped about it, but he refused to reveal more details about her and just said that he fell for her in school when he was in Class 10. 

Guess, the family man was afraid of Sakshi's reaction as he requested the audience not to reveal about this to her. 

Watch the video from 24:58 to listen to the conversation: