Take a look at this image of a bust of the Portugal footballer. Does it do him justice?



Anyone can get scared by that lopsided grin and seems like when Cristiano Ronaldo unveiled it in Maderia, he himself was not too pleased with it, or else how do you explain the look on his face. Is that embarrassment or anger?  Look at how his eyes are squashed, and the footballer cheeky smile looks more like a evil grin. The face also does nothing to depict that oh-so-chiselled jawline .


Sculptor and Madeira native Emanuel Santos said it took him 15 days to create the statue. He said he presented the project to officials when it was about half-done and got the go-ahead to continue. Well, we’d advise Mr Santos to take a look at the Football hunk first and then probably rework his design. What say?


Ronaldo is a fashion icon and he has beautiful women throwing themselves at him. This bronze bust was presented during a March 29 ceremony where Madeira's airport in Funchal is to be renamed after Cristiano Ronaldo, on Madeira island. So it will be called Aerporto Cristiano Ronaldo


Madeira airport, the birthplace of Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, was renamed in honour of the quadruple Ballon d'or and captain of the Portuguese team sacred European champion last summer.