A lady beautician from Kochi who defied the parents of her 17-year-old lover and locked themselves up inside his room, was arrested for allegedly abusing the minor boy after hours of drama at Ramapuram in Kottayam.


On Saturday evening, Metilda, a beautician from Ernakulam, reached the house of the 17-year-old boy whom she met on Facebook, and refused to leave. The young woman and the boy locked themselves up in his room when his parents refused to let her spend the night with him. The boy's parents and local residents insisted them to open the door. The lovers refused and even threatened to commit suicide if the parents did not allow them to live together.


Finally, local residents informed the police. Despite the police intervention, the lovers remained adamant and refused to open the door.


 Metilda and her lover did not open the door even on Sunday morning. The boy's parents once again sought the help of the police and broke open the door and took both of them in custody.


The young woman was later presented before the court and the boy before the Juvenile Court. When the boy refused to go with his parents, the court sent him to Juvenile Home.


Metilda and the boy met on Facebook and fell in love. The young woman had visited her lover's house earlier, according to police. The police registered a case under Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act against Metilda after the boy's mother filed a complaint alleging that the beautician sexually abused her son.