Yoga is good for mental and physical health, but not a medium to attain divine experience, Syro Malabar Catholic Church has said. 

The divine experience could not be obtained through a particular posture, the Synod of Bishops of Syro Malabar Church said during a discussion on the role of yoga in the faith. 

"We believe in personal God, and he is not someone who can be reached through a particular posture," a circular signed by Cardinal George Alencherry, the Arch-Bishop said. 

The circular was issued for the priests and laity of Syro Malabar church. It also stated that the Church recognises the importance of yoga in Indian culture, but it is to be considered as a physical exercise and postures as a method for meditation which will help to increase concentration. 

"It is not right to believe that it will be helpful to experience God or to have a personal encounter with Almighty," the circular said. 

It is also stated that those holding a different opinion from this is not to be encouraged. 

"Believers should take utmost care to get involved in those spiritual movements and prayer groups which do not recognise the teachings of Church and are against the Catholic faith," the circular said.