“I will fight Karnataka’s case in the apex court only if the state releases water to Tamil Nadu as directed by the court,” Nariman has said.


Nariman had earlier refrained from arguing for Karnataka in the Supreme Court on September 30.


But later, he clarified that he would continue to represent Karnataka in the Cauvery issue. But he once again refused to represent Karnataka in the court today and said, he will return only if Karnataka follows the court’s order.


After Nariman refrained from an argument during the earlier hearing in the Supreme Court, people from various quarters have been demanding a change in Karnataka’s legal representation. But even for the government, it is a difficult time as Nariman has fought the case throughout and for a new advocate to start from the scratch on the issue is challenging.


Though Nariman’s argument has not yielded any positive result for Karnataka so far, his absence was felt today in the court. The Raghupati representing Karnataka had no answer when the court asked him why Karnataka didn’t release water to Tamil Nadu.