Sati may be a long gone practice, but widows are facing social discrimination to this day. A young widow in Andhra Pradesh was adorned with flowers, new saree, bindhi and other symbols of marriage to assert the rights of widows to lead a dignified life sans discrimination, on the occasion of World Widow Day.


 ‘Kavi Sammelan’ was organised to highlight the woes of widows, who were discriminated based on irrelevant customs. There is an urgent need for a change in people’s attitude towards widows, said the Sangam's president Simhadri Jyothirmayi, adding that efforts should be added to imparting skills to widows so they lead a better life.


The lives of widows are miserable, they have to work hard to raise their children. Being the breadwinners of the family, widows go through a lot of hardship and overcome it to lead a normal life.