It has been an unusual year for Bengaluru when it comes to its weather. Once upon a time, people in Bengaluru loved their summers, monsoons and winters as the seasons used to be blissfully soothing and cool. But unfortunately Bengaluru seem to have lost the charm that it used to cast on people because of its weather. It has been an unusually hot year here in Bengaluru.


The maximum temperature touched an all-time high of 39.2 degrees Celsius in the summer of 2016. It broke the previous highest temperature of 38.3 degree Celsius which was recorded in April 1931.


Bengaluru recorded a weird maximum temperature of 31 degree Celsius on Thursday. And that is highly unusual when it comes to Bengaluru temperature.


The maximum temperature recorded on Thursday is trailed by December 2015 (30.9 degree Celsius) and December 2012 maximum temperatures (30.7 degrees Celsius). The minimum temperature on Thursday was 17 degrees Celsius and that was higher than the usual minimum temperature.


Now we get to the point where we can actually as the question so as to why is this happening? Why has Bengaluru been unusually warm throughout the year?


The answer lies within the city itself. Pollution, traffic and every single day there are thousands of people coming into the city to settle down. This is aiding to climate change which has already been affecting the Garden City of India for quite some time now. The government and the environmentalist need to act quickly on this situation or else that day is not far when people will start suffering because of this.