Kerala Assembly witnessed an interesting debate on Thursday between Minister G Sudhakaran and Speaker P Sreeramakrishnan: Who is the most unattractive among legislators? 

The Public Works Minister kickstarted the handsome-debate while replying to a question on the state of the public roads in Kerala. "I know very well that I'm the most unattractive among the legislators and the ministers here," Sudhakaran, who is also a senior CPM leader, said. "I know very well about aesthetics..." he went on. 


But Speaker Sreeramakrishnan cut him short and gave the ruling that the House did not subscribe to his view. "Respected Minister, no one will agree with You," Speaker ruled.


But, the minister was not ready to fully accept the ruling. "Sir, I have told you many times that beauty is in mind. Your mind should also be as beautiful as your face," he retorted as the House erupted in a big laughter.