But now worried parents want to know, where their kids will go?  The BBMP wanted to shut down the schools after the Director of  Public Instruction in a report said that over 5,000 childcare centres are functioning in residential areas in Bengaluru in which over 5 lakh children were enrolled. 


G Padmavathi, City Mayor said, that, the decision to issue notice for many preschools was issued as they were functioning by flaunting rules by operating in residential areas.

"In Civic Amenities category, schools are allowed to come, but the such schools are operating in houses and complexes. There are rules to setup schools and that has been not taken into consideration," Padmavathi said.


"The house owners who to want make money also rent their homes for such purposes. If we suddenly take a decision, many working couples will suffer, the child will also have problem in adjusting to new area and school, hence the decision to evict playschools is put on hold.


Manjunath Prasad, BBMP Commissioner who had ordered for a committee to look into these aspects and give a report after doing a study, says, "The committee will be formed, and it will have experts from education and women and child welfare committee and other child care organisation. Based on the recommendations a decision will be taken. Meanwhile, we appeal the residents not to flaunt rules and give homes for such play schools as they will also face strict action," said Commissioner.


DS Rajshekar, Executive President, North East Bengaluru Residential Welfare Association observed that the playschools had become important part in everyone life especially in metros. The nuclear families depend on them. The working couples find it easy to leave their tiny tots and concentrate on work. The safety of children is assured according to them. 


"The five hours of school gives a breathing space to working couples and nuclear families. But the rules are same for all. If these schools are allowed then, other business persons will challenge the decision. If pubs, hotels and restaurants are treated as commercial activity, then, these schools will also face same question of commercial as they charge," said Rajshekhar.


He further added, since the schools are quite essential as the residents find it convenient to leave their children close by so that they can drop and pick them without much hassles if it is shut it will create ruckus. 


"This school can be considered to function on humanitarian grounds and same cannot be applied for pubs and hotels that have come up in residential areas," he said.

Sunil, Manager Bright Montessori, which has over 40 preschools in City says, for this purpose we do not need any special permission.


"We have taken homes and converted into preschools in many areas. Taking a decision to evict children and parents will affect them more than play schools like us. Although we function in residential areas, we take the neighbours into confidence. The child parents contact and first aid kit, doctors number and hospitals in the close by range all will have to taken into account before starting such schools and we have been doing that," said Sunil.

Amina B A parent is more worried after seeing this news in papers about playschool to be evicted from residential areas.

"My grandson is in UKG and if the Oxford school in which he is studying is shut, I will have to admit him in another school which is far away. We fear his safety if he is sent far," she said.