The food she was given on Sunday was high in protein and contained potassium content too, causing disruption in the blood flow which resulted in heart attack, say sources. This is the third time Jayalalithaa has had a cardiac arrest.


The Apollo Hospital has said an electrical problem in the heart triggered the heart to stop beating suddenly. The heart stopped pumping blood, and there was a loss of blood flow to the brain, lungs and important organs of the body.


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Currently, Jayalalithaa is being treated in the ICU with Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation known as ECMO.


ECMO machine drains blood from veins, adds oxygen and removes the carbon dioxide from the body. Also, it keeps the blood warm and sends it to the artery. In some cases, ECMO even pumps the blood through the body.


Thus it can be noted that Jayalalithaa’s lung also has been stopped working and she is on temporary mechanical support.


Further updates on the health of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa are awaited.

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