Just a week after Sasikala Natarajan took over as the AIADMK chief, post death of Jayalalithaa, there are reports of people being beaten up and made to shut their mouths for uttering anything against the Chinnamma (Sasikala Natarajan) aspiring to be the new Amma.


Ex-AIADMK member Sasikala Pushpa’s husband, Lingeswara Thilagan was beaten up alleging that he had spoken against the party. His wife Sasikala Pushpa was suspended from AIADMK on August 1 after she came out in the public stating that an AIADMK member had slapped her.


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Pushpa had refused to resign from the party despite her expulsion when she had received threats that he morphed photos will be put up on the social media. Pushpa took the legal course and approached the High Court on this. Accordingly, the HC had directed Google, Facebook and YouTube, not to publish any defamatory post or photograph on Pushpa.


This had angered the AIADMK when Jayalalithaa was alive. But post-Jayalalithaa’s death Pushpa demanded that Sasikala and the AIADMK release the facts about her death. She has approached the Supreme Court seeking probe in the Jaya death.


This has enraged the AIADMK, currently led by Sasikala Natarajan. The party members had assaulted Pushpa’s husband when she came to file her nomination for the post of party’s general secretary now acquired by none other than Sasikala Natarajan.


Is this an indication that no one trying to stand against Sasikala will be spared.


Supporting this theory is another incident, where Traffic Ramaswamy, a social activist was thrown out of the court for speaking loudly.

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Traffic Ramaswamy had filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) against police deployed in front of Jayalalithaa’s Poes Garden House, now resided by AIADMK party chief Sasikala, for abusing him. He had demanded that the security be withdrawn.


Currently, 250 police personnel have been deployed at the Poes Garden for security reasons.


Meanwhile, in a surprising move, Sasikala has been ‘requested’ to take over as the chief minister of Tamil Nadu. Why the elected members are asking Sasikala who has not addressed any political gathering, nor was even elected MLA or MLC is being to take up the most responsible post in the state is a million dollar question.


Sources say that there is opposition in the AIADMK for choosing Sasikala to head the party and the state. But why is no one coming out in public regarding this?


Oh, yes, maybe no one wants to be beaten black and blue and left nowhere in Tamil Nadu politics. Else, when even Justice Vaidyalingam of the Madras High Court expressed his concerns over Jayalalithaa’s death being mysterious, no one has come forward to take up the case. Despite two PILs demanding probe into Jayalalithaa’s death pending, apart from Sasikala Pushpa’s appeal, it does not look like anyone wants to go against Sasikala Natarajan.


If this is the state of leaders even before she becomes the chief minister, will anyone dare to speak anything after she takes over?


How draconian will AIADMK get under Sasikala?