Kochi Marine Drive, where the Shiv Sena men played moral police and attacked youths on Wednesday, witnessed a spate of protests against moral policing on Thursday. The Kiss of Love activists challenged the moral goons by kissing in public. The activists also gathered at Kanakakkunnu in Thiruvananthapuram challenging the dictums of moral police. 

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Hundreds of people gathered in Kochi, the centre of the Kiss of Love protest in 2014 on Thursday afternoon. They hugged and kissed in public as others cheered on. People started pouring in from different parts of the state to participate in the Kiss of Love protest responding to a call on its Facebook page urging all to gather at Marine Drive. They sang and danced to reclaim the public space which was vandalised by moral goons on Wednesday. They sent out a loud and clear message to moral goons that their designs and threats will not be entertained anymore. 

Watch Facebook video of Kiss of Love protest at Kochi

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"Youth will occupy this space again, love and kiss if they want in the days ahead. We are not afraid of Shiv Sena and Hanuman Sena, K R Johnson,"  leader of Kiss of Love said.  "Shiv Sena might be trying to grab some attention through this brazen act. But it is a dangerous trend, and we can take it lightly only at our peril,"

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Watch Shiv Sainiks attack youths in Kochi:
'Transgenders and sexual minorities are facing moral policing across the state every day. We are not supposed to be seen on streets in the night. But we'll remain here this night. Let's see who would stop us,' said Chinchu, Transgender activist. 

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Left youth organisations DYFI and SFI and  Congress's students wing KSU had also staged protests against moral policing of Shiv Sena.


A group of Shiv Sena activists had attacked the youths sitting at Marine Drive in Kochi on Wednesday. They chased away young men and women and showered abuses on them as the police looked away. 


The incident sparked a political controversy as the Opposition alleging the complicity of the police in the whole episode. Kerala Assembly also saw uproarious scenes as the Opposition pinned the government for failing to check moral policing.