Karnataka’s tourism industry is most likely to face a setback this summer as the state is facing some serious issues of drought, water crisis and forest fires apart from the cash crisis post demonetisation. 


For the state, the next three months are crucial from the tourism perspective and the only saviour is good rain. Currently, the state is facing lowest rainfall in past four to five decades; the Times of India quotes a Meteorological Department official as saying. 


State tourism minister, Priyank Kharge, also expressed concern over the drought, acute water crisis, and the recurring forest fires. Furthermore, the fast drying reservoirs and waterfalls across Karnataka is increasing difficulties for the tourism industry. Hotels, resorts, homestay and similar other facilities that run on tourists and travellers are likely to suffer immediately. 


Resorts and lodges located in the forest areas of Karnataka are also feeling the heat of water scarcity. However, the tourism minister stated that the department has already been preparing for this crisis situation and therefore, new borewells have been created in many lodges. Around 80 percent government lodges depend on tanks for water supply and these tanks are drying up. 


Popular hill stations of the state like Chikkamagaluru and Kodagu are not only facing water scarcity but also experiencing high temperature which may further discourage many to travel to these places.