He might not have passed like a thunder but he definitely moved like a wind. Before  Pavithran, the jeweller of Kannur in Kerala and his wife could figure out what was happening before their eyes, he had fled the shop 'wearing' a gold chain worth five sovereigns!


 The incident took place  at a jewellery shop near Koothuparamba in Kannur on Friday. A young man came asking for ornaments for his sisters. Jeweller shows a few ornaments. He asked the price of a chain. Seemed pretty satisfied with the design and tried it on.  Stood up as if to check it in the mirror and simply escaped the scene, like a wind!

"I gave him a chain worth five sovereigns. He asked for the price and I told it would cost little over one lakh. He tried it on and then he was gone," says Pavithran.


The CCTV footage shows the thief adjusting the chain and in a matter of seconds  simply runs out of the shop without waiting for an opinion. Though the jeweller tried to chase the thief, he had sped on a motorcycle without trace. Efforts are on to identify the thief from the CCTV visuals.