Rumours that Bhumata Brigade leader Trupthi Desai was seen travelling in a car near Sabarimala Temple gave police officers of three districts sleepless night on Thursday. Police stations in Idukki, Pathanamthitta and Kottayam were immediately alerted after a pilgrim informed the Special Branch office at Pathanamthitta that Desai was seen travelling in a white car towards Erumeli a town near the forest shrine on Thursday afternoon. 

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Pathanamthitta district police chief contacted his counterparts in the neighbouring districts and the police force stationed at the Temple was asked to be prepared to face any situation in the busy pilgrim spot. There were apprehensions that Desai's move to defy the restrictions imposed on women from entering the temple would create law and order problem. The state government had clarified that Desai would not be allowed to get into the temple and that she should respect the sentiments of the devotees. 


The news that Desai was spotted heading towards the temple left the police force jittery on the final day of the annual pilgrim season at Sabarimala on Thursday. The district police chief of Pathanamthitta dialled Desai's number, but a man answered it and told the police that the Bhumata Brigade leader was in Pune. But this did not reduce the confusion created by the rumour. 


The confusion persisted till Friday morning when Desai informed the police and the government that she would not enter the temple stealthily.  She said that she would enter the temple by announcing the date in advance. Desai also clarified that hundreds of women activists of Bhumata Brigade would accompany her to the temple.