Instances of triple talaq are rampant in Kerala, but most of them go unreported as the women have a fear of confrontation. The activists and scholars fighting against the issue states that even the prohibition imposed by Quran does not restrict men from using triple talaq in an impulsive manner. 

Several women have been unceremoniously dumped by husbands using triple talaq. "Official records show a low number of cases, but there are several cases, and women are reluctant to file cases fearing confrontation. A group of lawyers have filed an RTI to find out the actual number of cases," Sapna Parameswarath, an advocate at the Punarjani Charitable Trust said. 

"There are several women facing the issue. We understand that there are three prerequisites to triple talaq - a reasonable cause, effective conciliation between husband and wife and wife's consent which is mandatory in recognition of her legal status and husband must provide compensation," Parameswarath said. 

The practice is banned in Muslim countries like Turkey, Pakistan and Bangladesh. There are several cases in India where husbands have separated wives over a phone call or a text message, without reasonable ground. 

The issue is gross even in Kerala, which is stepping towards achieving 100% primary education, a balanced male to female ratio, setting up a separate court for ensuring the welfare of transgender persons, is yet to pass a law abolishing triple talaq. 

In most cases husband and his family register cases and FIRs against women on false grounds like property theft which complicates the matter, she said.