The start of the New Year heralded new beginnings for Chennai-based resident Karthick KV and his wife Uma Maheshwari. Yet, merely a week into the New Year, tragedy struck.

A bike ride sans a helmet cost him dearly, taking his wife’s life as well as the life of his unborn four-month child.  This is something that will haunt Karthick for the rest of his life.


 His Facebook post, sharing his personal loss, serves as a grim reminder of the fragility of life. Unsurprisingly, his post has been shared 10, 452 times with over eight thousand comments so far.


Often, we overlook the safety measures of driving or riding because of a ‘this will not happen to me’ mindset.


His post highlighted the need to take safety precautions while commuting, by everyone in or on the vehicle.

According to a Times of India report, “Chennai, Jaipur, Indore and Delhi are among 47 cities across the world to register the highest rate of road fatalities. The latest 'Global Report on Urban Health' released by the UN-Habitat and WHO says the number of persons killed per lakh population in Chennai was the second highest across the major selected cities, at 26.6, next to Fortaleza, the capital of the Brazilian state of Ceara. Jaipur ranked fourth, Indore 16th while Kolkata, Delhi and Bangalore.


His pain and anguish can be summed up with this:


“ I just asked to God why your so cruel to me I loved her from 23 Aug 2007 which is 9 years and got married on 21 Aug 2016 and her life end on Jan 13th not even 5 months she is pregnant u took her along with you without thinking how I am going to survive rest of my life ???? all these questions are unanswered where do I go and get a solution for this ???”


“The reason why I post this is
‌1) safety measures should be taken whenever u drive I was wearing an helmet but I failed to buy an helmet for my wife so it's necessary whoever travel with u should have helmet it cost u very less than a life. You don't know what's going happen next in your life always safety comes first.

‌2) If God decided to take your life somehow or other he will take neither your money power and all your prays are not going to help sometime he is so brutal in his decision because more than 1000 people prayed family Friends Relative and friend of friends all doctors and nurses and their family also prayed for her we all just went and banged all the door in heaven to bring her back but nothing happened she just passed away. ‌


Share this with the people whom you love n care most because none of the people should get a worse situation like me. All pray for her soul to Rest in peace.”


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