Abu Taleem has been arrested by the High Grounds police, after Maharani Women’s College Hostel authorities lodged a complaint against a man who was sneaking into the hostel terrace and was wearing women’s bra and under wears, put out for drying.


In fact, just before his arrest, he was found in his room, wearing girl’s inner wears and his room was full of the girls' lingerie. The investigation revealed that after marriage, he was sleeping with his wife’s lingerie on his body.


The CCTV cameras installed in the college hostel showed a man with an acid bottle in one hand and a knife in the other hand sneaking into the hostel terrace, picking up the lingerie, wearing it and walking on the terrace. Now that he is under arrest, police have found shocking information on his habits and the weird reason for doing so.


Abu is from Bihar and was working at the Turf Club, which was adjacent to the Maharani Women’s College building. Abu is married, and his family lives in Bihar.


Abu said that wearing women’s lingerie made him happy. But he also said that he has a sleepwalking problem and doesn’t know what he does in the sleep. His colleagues had noticed that he was going out at night. When asked he had told them that he has a sleepwalking disorder, after which no one bothered if he started walking at night.


Further questioning revealed that he had the habit of wearing girl’s lingerie from childhood. The family just thought that it was a weird habit but did not stop him from doing so, nor made it a big issue.


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The habit continued, and he started wearing his wife’s lingerie after marriage. Now, with his family in Bihar, and himself working in Bengaluru, he started venturing out to find ladies bra and underwear. Maharani’s Women’s college hostel was the nearest target he could think of.


When he was not caught even after repeated attempts, he started visiting the hostel terrace quite frequently. With the lingerie missing, girls complained the warden which led to installing CCTV cameras in the hostel terrace.


This was the major clue to finding the reason for the missing lingerie. On the basis of the video, it was suspected that the man must have come from the Turf Club, which was the nearest building to the college.


When with the video footage the Turf Club authorities were asked about the man, they confirmed that he was working there. This made the police’s search for the accused easy.