Following the incidents of moral policing on the rise, Chief Minister of Kerala, Pinarayi Vijayan had asked the authorities to take action against those trying to force moral policing. But what should people do, when police themselves start indulging in moral police.


This couple from Kerala has a perfect answer to the question. They have not only suggested the solution but practically tried it themselves. Vishnu and Arathy were sitting in a garden near Napier museum when they were interrogated by two women police constables. The couple was asked if they were married. A ‘No’ to their question was enough for them to start charging at the couple.


The female police constables went on to say their behavior in public was vulgar. Following which, Vishnu went live on Facebook asking the police what was vulgar about two people sitting in the garden with man’s hand around the girl’s shoulder.



He went a step further and asked the police women if they saw the couple indulging in kissing or any obscene act. The police women who were ready to take the couple to the task went silent on this question.


But they made it sure to threaten the couple that they would take the matter to their parents and even said ‘we will see if you should be married. This is not permitted.’


Later, two male constables joined them and asked the couple to go to the police station. He even called Vishnu ‘bloody rascal,’ say reports. When the couple went to the police station, their parents were summoned, who are said to have told that they did not want to interfere in the matter.