Pratap,20, Madesh,24, and Puttaswamy were friends. But off late, Pratap was tired of listening to Puttaswamy requesting him to give his sister’s hand in marriage.


The three friends were working as daily wage labourers. Puttaswamy had initially started joking that he would marry Pratap’s sister. But as time passed, he started telling it frequently. Pratap had not taken it seriously and would avoid the topic, whenever Puttaswamy spoke about his sister.


But off late, Puttaswamy had started threatening Pratap that he will kidnap his sister and get married to her if he did not arrange for their marriage.


On March 30 late at night, both friends met at night and speaking over drinks near the stormwater drain in Srinivaspur Colony. Both were in an inebriated state when Puttaraju again demanded that he be married to his sister. An angry Pratap is said to have kicked Puttaswamy hard, who fell to the ground and died on the spot.


Scared, Pratap made a call to his friend Madesh, who arrived at the spot and threw the body into the stormwater drain. The body started floating after two days, and a bypasser informed the police about it.


The police found the body and identified the body. Puttaswamy’s mother had given the police the lead that he had gone out with Pratap on the day he went missing. When police interrogated Pratap, he confessed to the crime, said police.