Twinkle has tied up with 40 trucks and caters at locations like IT corridor and all metro stations. She has raised $150,000 raised from strategic investors.


The idea was born when she along with her friends was eating food from the truck serving gourmet food on streets. It just struck her mind that these food trucks could be a profitable business in private spaces like tech parks, gated communities, malls, etc.


But the challenge for these food truck owners was lack of finance. It was difficult to secure spaces for lease as there was a lack of dedicated team to help them in the marketing aspect. Hence, the Zoozy Food Truck Hub, India’s first food truck aggregator was born to help the entrepreneurs’ movement of reaching their culinary delights homes and offices every day and to be a part of realising their culinary dream.


The food truck industry is doing good business now than ever. There is a subsequent increase in market share. Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad which is known for its 100-odd food trucks generates an average of ₹10,000 to ₹12,000 a day selling varieties of dishes between ₹50 and ₹200.


These factors have helped in conceptualisation and founding of Zoozy Food Truck Hub. Now, this has changed the way corporates and tech parks look at the food trucks.


Twinkle Khetan says, “This is the one of the things that has realised among our plans. Our food items are priced between ₹120 and ₹150 only and it is affordable. Our goal is to move the food truck Industry to the next level and we would want to facilitate the change.”


Zoozy now operates at four major IT parks in Bengaluru and is planning to expand operations to other cities of India. It is already partnering with more than 25 food trucks selling a wide variety of cuisines.


With an energetic and dedicated team, Zoozy is launching a food truck finder app which will help to track food trucks. This will make it easier for the foodies to place an order and get their favourite dish delivered anywhere, anytime.


The founders are also planning to place the food trucks at all the metro stations so that many office-goers can take the parcel to their work place. 


"Every day we send different truck with Chinese, Indian, Continental and other varieties of food. Change in the menu is essential ensure that the customers do not get bored by eating the same food," said Twinkle.


The trucks have obtained food license and hence there is no room for negligence in hygiene, she added.