All these days the name of ‘Allah’ was heard in their house. But now the stotras of Lord Ganesha are also heard there along with Allah. This family has upheld the religious integrity of the nation by worshipping Lord Ganesha.


Noor Saab is a resident of Annigeri city in the Navalagunda taluk of Dharwad district. He is the man who worships Ganesha. There is a reason behind his worship. A few years ago, while working in his farm, he found a silver idol of Lord Ganesha beneath the layers of his land.


Immediately he took the idol to Vali, his religious guru, for advice. The guru told him to take the idol home and worship. This year, he has brought a clay idol of lord Ganesha on the auspicious Ganesha Chaturthi festival day on Monday and worshipped as per Hindu rituals along with his wife Rihana Begum.


Today people are fighting and killing each other in the name of god. But Noor Saab and his begum Rihana have set an example of communal harmony and religious integrity.