BBMP, known for cutting down trees on the pretext of development has now come up with some positive thinking. This authority is all set to launch a mobile application that will allow Bengaluru residents to choose from 10 tree saplings which will be planted by BBMP on their locality. Once planted and barricaded, the residents will be asked to ensure the safety and growth of the plant.


Deputy Conservator of Forest, Appu Rao told Asianet Newsable that, the BBMP has grown over 10 lakh tree saplings in its nurseries, but the success rate of these trees depends on its maintenance.


"To ensure these trees grow and become bigger, we need cooperation from the public. BBMP will soon come up with an app and give options to choose and plant saplings, but the residents will have to maintain, and complain to us in case there is an issue of barricade being damaged or stolen or trees being cut," he said.


BBMP Commissioner, Manjunath Prasad, said, “To increase the tree cover in Bengaluru, the BBMP had identified five nurseries where tree saplings, like Mahogany, Pongemia, Jamoon, Badam and Neem are grown.”


"Once the rains start in June, there will be mass tree plantation activity; the BBMP will also give options to residents to choose trees to be planted near their homes. BBMP has spent ₹5 crores for this green project," said Commissioner.

Dr Yellappa Reddy, Chairman Parks Committee welcomed this move by BBMP of planting mass tree saplings and said, “BBMP should not only plant trees but  they should also check whether these trees are safe as advertisement and hoarding mafia will cut or pour acid on trees and saplings as these trees block the visibility.”