The headmistress of a private school in Bidar has shaved the head of a boy for coming to school with long hair.


The incident has happened in St. Pauls School in Nehru Nagar, Bidar, on Wednesday, February 8. Samuel C Borgayi (12) is studying in 6th standard in the school.


The head mistress of the school was repeatedly warning Samuel to cut the hair properly and come to the school. But one day suddenly she took the scissors as the boy turned deaf to her cautions. Cecil Borgayi, the father of the student, has alleged that the head mistress has humiliated his son by shaving half of his scalp in front of his schoolmates.


He said that his son is in depression and is not willing to go to the school. Besides, Cecil didn’t get any explanation or a polite answer from the school, when he went to the school to enquire about this weird punishment.


Hence he has given a complaint against the teacher to the management committee of the school and has forwarded the same to the Block Education Officer (BEO). In the complaint to the BEO, he has alleged that the school management has made encroachment of government land for the construction of school building.