Even as a heated debate is on over  Kerala government's decision to cull dangerous street dogs, three persons including a six-month-old infant were attacked by stray dogs in Palakkad on Saturday.

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A rabid dog attacked six-month-old Thara, daughter of Vinod, a native of Kuthampully Chanmundy Nagar when the mother was bathing the baby in the open in the house premises. The baby sustained injuries on her stomach. The dogs also bit two others including a three-year-old boy in the same village. 


Stray attacks are on the rise in the state with numerous reports of dogs going wild pouring from across the state.  The state government decided to kill violent strays after a pack of dogs mauled a woman to death in a coastal village  near Thiruvananthapuram. 

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However, the Centre, animal rights activists and Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) have raised objections to the state government’s move.