After banning celebrations during office hours, it seems the government has started imposing curbs on social media usage at the office. State government officials are withdrawing from Whatsapp groups of colleagues fearing a crackdown by authorities. 

 Land Revenue Joint Commissioner had asked Alappuzha district collector to take action against two officials who had spent time on Whatsapp during office hours, following which, two groups of Ernakulam Collectorate officials stopped functioning. 

Land Revenue Commissionerate has issued a directive to check on officials spending time in Whatsapp during office hours. Following this, another group formed by a union of state government officials was dispersed while some officers left the groups in which they were active earlier. 

The government has already issued warning against the use of social media, especially Whatsapp during office hours. Officials began to take this seriously after Land Revenue Commissionerate started a crackdown on those violating norms. 

Officials of Ernakulam Collectorate were active in various groups like Collector's voice, Civil Station Group, Revenue Group. Revenue Team etc Though almost all employees are members of various groups only half of them are active participants. 

Various groups of employee unions are very active and are using contacts for union activities. Some even function as political platforms. Meanwhile, some use social media very effectively to communicate various orders and progress of files. 

However, authorities are of the opinion that there are officials who are are using such facilities solely for entertainment and hence decided to ban its use.