The teacher of a government school in Haveri reportedly comes to class in an inebriated state every day, and his SSLC pass out wife teaches the class


The students of Sheelavantha Somapur Government Higher Primary School in  Shiggaon are taught by the non-appointed wife of a drunk teacher, every day.


The school has 110 students, studying up to the seventh standard and has five appointed teachers, including the headmaster.


Students have reported that one of the teachers, AD Kambappa, regularly enters the class completely drunk. He allegedly sits on his chair and smokes beedis while his wife teaches the lessons to students. 


This has been happening for one year now.


The students have complained to parents about the condition of the school, and the parents in return have repeatedly requested the government Education Officer to dismiss the teacher, but their pleas have fallen on deaf ears.


The complaints have also been filed with the headmaster and SDMC president, but no action has been taken against the teacher. 


When their efforts did not have any result, some parents started sending their children to the nearby schools in Dundashi and Shiggaon.


When asked, Shiggaon BEO, MH Patil said, “Action will be taken against Kambappa, who comes drunk to the class. But I have no information about his wife teaching the students. I will conduct a probe and will take action accordingly.”


But Hubli’s SDMC president has another version of the story, who says, “We had sent Kambappa out of the school when we saw he was coming inside drunk. We had requested the BEO to transfer Kambappa. But we became helpless when we saw the BEO drop Kambappa to the school in his vehicle. His wife could not bear this and started teaching the students herself.”