Kerala is shocked and outraged by the news of abduction and harassment of a popular South Indian actress near Kochi International Airport on Friday night. But more shocking details are coming out of the interrogation of the three suspects taken into custody in connection with the incident on Saturday. 

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The police suspect that Martin, the driver of the actress who was arrested on Saturday, had links the criminal gang led by Sunil Kumar, alias Pulsar Suni, a former driver of the film star and both hatched the plan to attack her on the way to Kochi for the dubbing of a film. 

Quoting police sources, Asianet News reports that similar abductions and blackmailing of actresses using photographs and videos taken forcefully, had occurred in the past as well. Pulsar Suni and his gang held hostage a young actress in 2010 in a running car for nearly an hour in Kochi city. The gang abused the actress and took her pictures. The actress did not complain fearing threats and blackmailing by the gangsters. 

Two renowned actresses from Thrissur and Alappuzha had to undergo discomforting behaviour from the drivers in the recent past. The incidents did not come to public notice as they did not file a complaint with police. Many actresses had raised their grievances in platforms like Film Employees Federation of Kerala (FEFKA) against the misbehaviour of drivers in film locations. The FEFKA had recently disqualified its Drivers Union following accusations against it.   


Meanwhile, the government has formed a special police team to nab the culprits in the abduction of the actress. The police had arrested Martin on Saturday, and two more were taken into custody on Sunday.  The interrogation of the suspects who were nabbed from their Coimbatore hideout is progressing, and the special team is after four more persons suspected to have involved in the incident.