The cabinet reshuffling of CM Siddaramaiah has created chaos in Karnataka and a headache for the Congress as well. Siddaramaiah last week removed 14 cabinet ministers from their ministerial positions.


Now, about 25 disgruntled legislators who were either deprived of their positions or not included in the cabinet are conspiring to deprive Siddaramaiah himself of his chief minister’s post.


Siddaramaiah realised the seriousness of this development soon after the resignation of Ambareesh. He, along with his cabinet colleagues, tried to contact all the rebel MLAs including Ambareesh and tried to console them. But it seems they are not ready to have a dialogue with the CM or his colleagues.

On Wednesday, Srinivas Prasad openly made a statement that the CM should be changed in order to retain the credibility of the party. Senior Congress leaders like Jaffar Sharief have also given moral support to the rebelled MLAs.


“The cabinet reshuffling was a foolish decision taken by Siddaramaiah. He is an opportunist. He came to the Congress from JDS just for the sake of power. Who is CM Siddaramaiah, is he a great mountain? He is just a junior boy compared to my political career,” said Jaffar Sharief.


Meanwhile, the JDS is trying to take advantage of the situation by creating a stage for all the unsatisfied legislators to wage war against the Siddaramaiah government.  


Ambareesh has already made his first move to dismantle the government by resigning from his position as MLA. Following Ambareesh’s example, now Malikayya Guttedar, MLA of Afzalpur is also going to resign today (Thursday) from his position.


“I need rest. Of course, I won’t resign from political activities. I am fed up with power, now I want to become a kingmaker, and not just a king,” said Guttedar.


Currently, Ambareesh’s house has turned into a beehive of all rebel MLAs. Srinivas Prasad, Qamar Ul Islam, Malaka Reddy, Somashekhar and many rebel MLAs had a meeting yesterday in his house and planned to gather few more unsatisfied MLAs along with them.


The JDS is trying to make while the sun shines. It is trying to attract these dissident MLAs towards itself. HD Deve Gowda and HD Kumara Swamy are believed to have already spoken over the telephone with Ambareesh, Srinivas Prasad, Satish Jarakiholi, Malikayya Guttedar and Qamar Ul Islam.


Today, more than 25 unsatisfied MLAs are planning to send a letter to Sonia Gandhi asking for the removal of the CM. They have also decided to offer mass resignation, if the high command doesn’t lend an ear to their request.