Former minister who is out on bail in the mining scam, Janardhan Reddy conducted the marriage of his daughter in a ridiculously lavish way after converting his black money into white, stated the death note of a tahsildar’s driver.


Ramesh Gowda, driver of Tahsildar Bheema Naik was found dead at a lodge and his death note had names of his officer Bheema Naik, mining lords Janardhan Reddy and Sriramulu too.


Ramesh died at a lodge in Mandya by consuming poison. He has alleged that Beema Naik and his private car driver had tortured him mentally and was also give life threatening. He has mentioned the details of the illegal activities conducted by Bheema Naik.


The death note starts with his name, designation and address and states: "I have written this myself"

Here are the details:

  • Purchase of a bungalow at Sadashivnagar in Belagavi
  • 20 gunta land at Hospet (through loan from BoI)
  • 30-acre farm land at Hagaribommanahalli
  • 10-acre land purchased in the name of Naik’s brothers at Mariyammanahalli
  • Purchase of a company –Donata from one Anil Jain for ₹5 crore
  • Own house at Yelahanka in Bengaluru and 2 sites in the name of his wife
  • Misappropriation of crores of money through the petrol bunk allotted in the name of his brother Krishna Naik
  • Misappropriation of ₹25 lakh suing the account of one Padmini MD when Naik was the officer at Savitha Samaja and election officer
  • Gifts worth ₹5 lakh donated to temples
  • Lakhs of rupees transferred to his relatives bank account using my  (victim Ramesh) account number
  • Bheema Naik met Janardhan Reddy and Sriramulu on October 28 at Parijatha Guest House. Naik had demanded a ticket for MLA post (Hagaribommanahalli) in 2018. Naik had agreed to convert Reddy’s ₹25 crore black money into white.
  • Naik himself had told me that he had converted Reddy’s ₹25 crore black money into new notes of ₹50, ₹100 and ₹2000.
  • Naik gave me life threatening if I let out any information on these dealings.
  • Naik and his personal driver are behind withholding of my salary for three months.
  • Bheema Naik and his personal driver Mohammed are directly responsible for my death. I am taking this extreme step as I cannot bear their torture and threatening.
  • My nephew Manoj should perform my last rites. This is my last wish, said the last page of the suicide note.