Coming down heavily on the incident of moral policing by its activists, Student Federation of India (SFI) national president V P Sanu said those resorting to such 'heroic' deeds shall voluntarily move out of the organisation. He made his stance clear through a Facebook post in the wake of alleged assault on a youth and two girl students, of University College in Thiruvananthapuram, by SFI activists. 

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Issuing a strong warning against those engaged in moral policing Sanu said moral policing is not SFI's policy. "We have seen campus heroes, in several popular films, who beat up outsiders. But that is not SFI's stance. Such a notion may reflect on some of the activists, as the outfit represents students from various walks of life. However, it is the duty of the organisation to bring such people to the path of political discipline," Sanu's post read. 


"SFI do not justify wrong doers. Our approach is to correct mistakes. We will look into the incident and take proper action if any of our members are found involved in it," he said. 


Three SFI activists were accused of assaulting a youth and his female friends at University College Campus, Thiruvananthapuram. In a bid to save its face the leaders of the outfit and pro-CPM cyber groups had resorted to character assasination of the victims, but the smear campaign further created a dent in the progressive credentials of leftist students' federation. 

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